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Underwriting & Corporate Support

Reach a Statewide Audience by Underwriting Arkansas Public Media
ArkansasPublic MediaUnderwriting Policy
Contact Vanessa at (501) 683-7385 or for more information

Arkansas Public Media reports will be broadcast on all four partner radio stations, ensuring statewide reach for your message. 

Partner Stations include

  • KUAR (Central Arkansas)
  • KUAF (Northwest Arkansas)
  • KASU (Northeast Arkansas)
  • KTXK (Southwest Arkansas)

Other content partners include Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN), El Latino, UALR Anderson Institute for Race and Ethnicity, and The Butler Center for Arkansas Studies.  

What is Underwriting?
An underwriting spot is an acknowledgement of support in exchange for funding of a public/non-commercial broadcast outlet.

  • Donors who contribute funding can include businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. The statements in underwriting must be factual descriptions of the underwriter’s services and may contain
  • The name of the underwriter and/or the underwriter’s product or service
  • An objective description of a product such as origin, intended use, etc.
  • A bona fide corporate slogan if it does not promote the underwriter
  • The location of the underwriter and/or length of time in business
  • A telephone number and/or web address if no call to action is implied

Underwriting Restrictions
Underwriting on public radio stations is governed by rules set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC requires that all underwriters be identified on air. Underwriting announcements are statements of support, not promotion. Underwriting announcements may not include

  • Qualitative language (e.g. “great,” “delicious,” “best”)
  • Pricing information or inducement to buy (including special gifts or bonuses)
  • Calls to action (e.g. “stop by,” “call us at,” “visit our website”)

On-Air Underwriting
Arkansas Public Media reports will be broadcast weekly on partner stations during news shows with high listenership.  APM stories have 12,000 listeners AQH on Statewide Rotation

  • Morning Edition Weekly APM spots on KUAR, Mon-Fri, 5-9 am (5,300 listeners)
  • Weekly APM spots on KASU, Mon-Fri, 5-9 am (2,200 listeners)


  • All Things Considered Weekly APM spots on KUAR Mon 3-6 pm; Tues-Fri 3-6:30 pm (5,600 listeners)
  • Weekly APM spots on KASU Mon-Thurs 3-5:30 pm; Fri 3-5:20 pm (1,100 listeners)


  • Ozarks at Large Weekly APM spots on KUAF, Mon-Fri noon-1:00; 7-8 pm (4,900 listeners)
  • The Public Radio News Hour
  • Weekly APM spots on KTXK, Mon-Fri (300 listeners)

Additional run of schedule underwriting spots are available on Arkansas Public Media partner stations 

Underwriting Announcements
Underwriting Announcements (UWA's) allow a business to reach a highly desirable audience with a message about the company. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates the language in UWA's. They are limited to fifteen (15) seconds. A well-crafted UWA will increase top-of-mind awareness of your business and further enhance the image of your business with a very desirable and relevant audience.
Non-Profit Announcements
Non-Profit Announcements (NPA's) are messages paid for by 501c(3) non-profit corporations, government agencies, university departments and other non-profit organizations. Most NPA's are thirty (30) seconds in length. NPA's can be used to promote an upcoming special event or to increase awareness of the organization's mission.

Multi Media/Digital Underwriting
Customized multi-media underwriting packages are available that include

  • Web ad placement on
  • Banner ad placement in e-newsletter
  • Underwriting announcements for audio content on website
  • Underwriting announcements for video content posted on
  • Social Media – sponsored or tagged posts on Facebook and/or Twitter

Display Ad SpecsResolution should be no lower than 72 DPI
Static GIF or JPG ads

  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90
  • Premium Rectangle: top placed 300 x 250
  • Rectangle 2: second placed 300 x 250
  • Rectangle 3: third placed 300 x 250
  • Tablet Leaderboard: 728 x 90
  • Mobile ad: 320 x 50

Contact us for rates and a customized multi-media plan