Arkansas AG Rutledge Meets With Trump Transition Team In New York

Nov 17, 2016
Originally published on November 18, 2016 5:20 pm

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge was spotted at Trump Tower in New York Thursday as the President-elect transitions to serving in the White House. Rutledge arrived at Trump Tower and told a pool of reporters she was there for a "couple of meetings."

Her brief rendezvous with reporters in the tower lobby was captured by C-SPAN.

“I love being the Attorney General of Arkansas,” she said. “But my philosophy is, I’ve done a lot of work helping out the president-elect in the campaign. I’m very excited about his administration and you always take the call when the White House calls.”

She went on to say:

“My interest is in helping the Trump administration curb back some of these regulations that are hurting American workers and American business owners across the country. Because most people just want to have a job, taking care of their families. And whatever… I can do, whether that’s continuing on as the Attorney General of Arkansas or working in the administration, my ears are open.”

Rutledge declined to say who she was meeting with. Rutledge served as a Trump surrogate and on an agricultural policy committee in Trump’s campaign. Her stint as AG of the Arkansas has been characterized by successive fights with the Environmental Protection Agency and joining lawsuits with other state attorneys general challenging policies of the Obama presidency.

Rutledge's spokesman, Judd Deere, accompanied her for the visit.

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