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Out With A Schumpeter's Gale — Watch Electricty Generation Get Subjected To Creative Destruction

On Friday, Entergy Arkansas Inc. demo-ed the Cecil Lynch Power Plant, a first step to redevelopment of the 130-acre North Little Rock site that’s located directly across the Arkansas River from the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.

Nationwide, utilities are doing this kind of thing to “green up” their portfolios, so to speak. And to modernize operations.

Increasingly, electricity will come from cleaner burning natural gas and renewables such as wind and solar. Why?

Part of the reason is stricter limits on carbon emissions and other particulates set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. Another part is utility companies’ own goals for cleaner electricity generation. And, of course, a third part — perhaps the biggest part — is cleaner electricity generation is becoming cheaper electricity generation.

We at Arkansas Public Media think this drone video footage courtesy of Entergy is worth a look. The Lynch Plant lit homes for 67 years. It’s named for Cecil Lynch, chief engineer for Arkansas Power & Light — later Entergy — at the time the plant was built. 

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