2016 Arkansas Poll Signals Easy Win In State For Trump, Boozman

Nov 2, 2016

The 18th annual Arkansas Poll is out and indicates the likely continued dominance of Republicans in state politics. The poll is commissioned by the University of Arkansas.

Through phone interviews conducted in late October, 800 randomly-selected Arkansas voters are asked 60 public policy questions. KUAR’s Chris Hickey talked results with poll director Janine Parry of the U of A political science department.

Some findings of the 2016 Arkansas Poll:

-President: Donald Trump (R) 59 percent, Hillary Clinton (D) 36 percent.

-U.S. Senate: John Boozman (R) 61 percent; Conner Eldridge (D) 38 percent.

-Marijuana: Issue 6, Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment: For 51 percent; Against 49 percent.

-Gun Control Laws: For Stricter Laws 31 percent; for less strict laws: 14 percent; No change to current gun laws: 53 percent.

-Abortion: Make it more difficult to have abortion: 48 percent; make it easier to have abortion: 14 percent; no change to current law: 33 percent.

Other results can be found in the 2016 Arkansas Poll Summary Report

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